IP Surveillance Storage (NVR)

Video Surveillance can be the most challenging workflows for any storage system. When all the variables are taken into account - number of cameras, type of video format, frame rate, video compression, and retention days - the amount of data can become very large very quickly.

The CyberStore VS range of video server and storage appliances are optimised specifically for video surveillance. The CyberStore VS is based on the industry standard open platform, so you are not tied in to expensive proprietary solutions. There are no capacity licence fees and no client access licence fees. Our Solutions are the most cost effective enterprise storage solutions on the market.

These high-performance All-in-One Video Server and Storage Appliances are reliable, affordable and easy to install. Built from industry compatible components they'll also work with your existing infrastructure and surveillance software.

Surveillance Storage Brands

Video Server & Storage Appliance

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The CyberStore VS range of video server and storage appliances are optimised specifically for video surveillance, access control and video analytics applications.

Upto 10TB IP Surveillance Storage (NVR)

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CCTV Server and Storage Appliances and Attached Video Storage expanders with up to 10TB storage capacity.

10TB - 60TB IP Surveillance Storage (NVR)

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CCTV Server and Storage Appliances and Attached Video Storage expanders with 10TB - 60TB storage capacity.

60TB - 100TB IP Surveillance Storage (NVR)

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CCTV Server and Storage Appliances and Attached Video Storage expanders with 60TB - 100TB storage capacity.

100TB + IP Surveillance Storage (NVR)

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CCTV Server and Storage Appliances and Attached Video Storage expanders with over 100TB storage capacity.

Why Buy Broadberry

Leading Security

We take security seriously. Broadberry servers offer the latest technologies including TPM, self-encryption and military-grade FIPS certification.

Best Price Guarantee

Broadberry offer a Best Price Guarantee on all server and storage solutions. You won't find the same spec cheaper anywhere else.

Ease of Management

Feature-rich IPMI with out of band management and redfish API to allow easy management and monitoring of your Broadberry systems.

Customer Service

Unlike other leading manufacturers, Broadberry assign all customers a dedicated account manager with direct access. There’s no call centers!

Trouble-Free Integration

Our trained engineers will pre-configure your server to your requirements, and are here to help over the phone when your server arrives.

3-Year Warranty

All Broadberry solutions come with a comprehensive 3-5 year warranty, with a range of upgraded warranty options available.

Easy Installation

From clip-in slide rails to pre-configured RAID and pre-installed OS, our engineers ensure installation fast and simple!


Our open-platform approach offers high compatibility with your existing infrastructure and no vendor-lockin.


Every business is different. Configure every element of your solution to your requirements using our powerful online configurator.


Our servers are built to grow with your organisation, whether that be by purchasing additional drives, or additional scale-out nodes.


Since the introduction of the first Broadberry PC in 1989, we’ve continually innovated and responded to emerging technologies and markets.

The Broadberry CyberStore VS range of IP surveillance storage appliances include 1U-4U server offerings boasting up to 144TB of raw storage capacity in a single storage unit.

Configurable with Toshiba's specialist enterprise-class hard drives built for IP surveillance, the Broadberry CyberStore VS range is the perfect fit for ultra-robust and reliable, cost effective storage for IP surveillance.

CyberStore Surveillance Server

CyberStore VS Surveillance Appliances:

CyberStore VS Banner

Our Multi-Award winning CyberStore range of enterprise storage appliances tuned specifically for the tough demands of IP surveillance storage.

  • Specialist Toshiba Surveillance Drives
  • Extremely Cost-Effective IP Surveillance Storage
  • Ultra Robust for Years of Service
  • Enterprise-Grade Reliability
CyberStore Surveillance

Onvif, network video global standardisation.

Supporting the ONVIF industry compliant standard, the Broadberry VS range of IP surveillance storage appliances has been carefully designed so you can seamlessly deploy it into your existing infrastructure.

This means you'll be able to take advantage of a more flexible installation with standard IP industry features like multiple stream, in-camera motion detection, digital input/output, audio output, NTP synchronisation, or day/night exposure modes.

Milestone Solution Partner

The Broadberry CyberStore-VS range of IP surveillance storage appliances use the world's first hard drives specifically built for surveillance - the Toshiba MD04ABA-V and MD03ACA-V range.

Toshiba's surveillance series hard disk drives are intended for 24x7 IP surveillance applications, delivering the industry's first 5TB 3.5-inch, low RPM hard disk drive specifically for surveillance applications.

The MD04ABA-V series is designed for use in surveillance digital video recorders (SDVR), surveillance network video recorders (SNVR) and hybrid SDVR.

Designed for surveillance applications, with support for up to 32 high definition camera streams and 24/7 operation, the MD04ABA-V Series also incorporates rotational vibration (RV) sensors, making it suitable for use in RAID/multi-HDD based surveillance platforms. With the massive 5TB capacity point, customers now have the flexibility to retain higher resolution surveillance video data for longer periods using fewer HDDs, helping to maintain a smaller storage footprint and lower energy costs.

Specialist Surveillance HDDs

Toshiba Hard Drive.

  • Up to 5TB of data storage capacity for high resolution camera feeds
  • Support for up to 32 high definition cameras
  • Rotational vibration (RV) sensors suited for RAID environments
  • Large 128MB Buffer/Cache for better streaming performance
  • 1 million hour MTTF

IP Surveillance is an ever increasing market for storage; Stricter legal requirements on camera surveillance within specific areas also give rise to new business opportunities.

HD Cameras can quadrupole the amount of storage required per video frame, and now with even higher resolution 4K cameras and 360 degree cameras becoming more popular, storage requirement will keep growing at a very fast rate. Making sure you are not tied into proprietary hardware solutions can keep your costs down by over 70% compared to branded solutions that offer less flexibility, less expansion and less features.

Features Broadberry CyberStore VS Range offer the following features

Industry standard Operating Systems: Most Surveillance Systems require simple storage, and are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 offers petabytes of storage with no additional cost for capacity licences, so you pay the same amount whether you want 4 Terabytes or 400 Terabytes. There is also no client access licensing costs, so hundreds of devices or users can access the storage at no additional cost.

Ongoing support is easy, IT staff already have extensive knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server operating systems, so training and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum compared to proprietary solutions, and new members of IT Staff are already familiar with the technology.

Microsoft is the most trusted enterprise software in the world with almost 100% of worldwide enterprises running Microsoft products. You can rest assured that security, compliance and compatibility are always going to be at the forefront of you systems.

Dedicated LAN port for IPMI 2.0 Remote management and KVM over IP. For out-of-band management and monitoring of the server. For example, IPMI provides a way to manage a computer that may be powered off or otherwise unresponsive by using a network connection to the hardware rather than standing in front of the server. You can also control the keyboard monitor and mouse using the KVM over IP built into all our servers as standard.

In order to increase the throughput performance and reliability of HDD-based systems, multiple HDDs can be used in what is known as a RAID array (redundant array of independent disks). RAID on one hand provides redundancy by storing data on multiple drives, ensuring that any single drive failure does not stop the storage system working and that data is not lost, and on the other hand allows storing the data in parallel on several devices resulting in higher throughput performance. The Broadberry CyberStore VS offers all the most common industry standard RAID options as standard : RAID Levels 0,1,5,6,10,50,60 & JBOD.

Intel Xeon Processors: From microservers to high-end data centers, infrastructure built on Intel Xeon processors delivers exceptional performance, agility, and reliability across a full range of workloads, powerful security features to protect data, and cost efficiencies around space, energy, and management.

Dedicated Surveillance Drives: Another challenge posed by the larger data rates and file sizes is the video system's ability to write this data to disk with sufficient speed and reliability. Often one of the most important factors of surveillance systems is reliability. Loosing data is a business concern and will impact customer satisfaction and place high risk in future business with impacted customers. Selecting a high quality storage product in your surveillance system improves reliability and will reduce total cost of ownership and ensure customer satisfaction.
Broadberry Cyberstore VS range uses enterprise surveillance drives that are tuned and optimised to give the best write performance and reliability in a surveillance environment

That's why we design and build our IP Surveillance Storage range, proven in deployments around the world in thousands of customer installations integrated with Broadberry Viewing Stations.

Select an affordable storage system with capacity for a few days of typical recording, or scale to over 1 Petabyte in a single system for months of recording capacity.

Broadberry IP Storage systems are RAID protected to reduce the risk of lost video data, and features hot-swap disk drives and power supplies for continuous operation and easy maintenance.

Broadberry IP Surveillance products are all about three words... Flexible, Powerful, and Reliable. It's built for one specific thing: to be the best possible, most reliable storage platforms for video surveillance, video analytics, access control, and other physical security applications.

Why choose a Broadberry NVR solution?

  • Fast to deploy and ready-to-use in just a few minutes
  • User-friendly, plug-and-play solution
  • Open Platform design so you are not tied into any vendor
  • Perfect match between reliable, industry-leading software and industrial grade hardware
  • Remote Monitoring and remote access built in to all models as standard
  • Scalable Storage designed to suit a range of user need from 8 Terabytes to 1 Petabyte or more
  • Three year hardware warranty upgradable to various On-Site Warranty options to suit your needs.

Enterprise IP Surveillance Storage Example Use:

Casino and Gambling Houses require high capacity NVRs / CCTV storage systems, this is due to the fact that Casinos are required to record at higher speed (25-60 ) frames per second instead of the standard 3-5 frames per second that standard CCTV applications such as shops and street CCTV require.

The CyberStore 436DSS and 445 JBOD solution give Casinos a storage solution that offers very dense low cost resilient storage. The CyberStore 436 has a raw capacity of up to 72TB native and 64.8 TB usable (raid 6) in a 4U rack space, available with standard ethernet ( this can be bonded), 10Gbe Ethernet or fibre channel connectivity.

To increase the storage capacity the CyberStore JBOD 445 with a capacity of 90 TB native in a 4U Rack Chassis be attached very easily via the SAS external port on the raid controller.

The CyberStore 436 DSS offers lot of functionality including

Operating system

Open-E ISCSI SAN & NAS Storage Software comes pre-installed, and is optimised for maximum storage performance and light-touch management.


Support for all raid levels including 0,1,5,6,10 & 50 and hot spares. Redundant Hot Swap Power Supply (2U and Above only).

iSCSI Failover / Clustering

iSCSI Failover built in as standard with no additional licence costs. Two or more Cyberstore Appliances can be configured as master and slave so they will be seen as one unit. If any one of the units fails, it will automatically fail-over with no disruption to the users.


Broadberry CyberStore Storage Servers can be managed remotely on a standard web browser and integrated Lights-Out technology with optional IPMI 2 management can monitor and control all features.

Universal connectivity

Integrated protocols support access from Windows, NetWare, Linux, UNIX and Apple clients, plus HTTP and FTP no software licences required.

Shadow copy snapshots

By creating scheduled snapshots of shared data, accidentally deleted or overwritten files can be automatically restored no need to restore from tape.

Data replication

Replicate data between ISCSI SAN & NAS devices over a standard Ethernet network using built in Mirroring software. Data is synchronised based only on the changes made, minimising network traffic.Data Replication can be over a LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network). Synchronous or Asynchronous


This option is available for NAS volumes only; WORM-enabled volumes can be read multiple times, but written to only once. Enabling WORM for a NAS volume is only possible after selecting new NAS volume from the drop-down menu. Once WORM is enabled it cannot be undone; It is not possible to remove WORM from an existing volume

Combined with the redundant PSUs ,the raid options and the scalability of the the CyberStore range this is a ideal for the Casino / Gambling CCTV market.

The CyberStore VS range of video server and storage appliances are optimized specifically for video surveillance, access control and video analytics applications. These high-performance All-in-One Video Server and Storage Appliances are reliable, affordable and easy to install.

The video surveillance industry is fast changing as the industry is adapting to IP based digital systems and we are continuously evaluating new technologies to provide server and storage systems that are optimized for video surveillance, access control, video analytics or other demanding security applications.

We have extensive experience in video surveillance servers and storage and have designed and provided solutions for many small, medium and large projects, furthermore our solutions are designed based on industry standard and open architecture technology providing ultimate performance, design flexibility, reliability and future expansion.

City skyline.


System performance was a key factor when designing the CyberStore VS range of server and storage appliances, we achieve this is by using only the best of breed system components including:- Server Optimized multi-core Intel Xeon CPUs, Solid State System and Application Drives, fast 6Gb/s RAID controllers and SAS 6Gb/s enterprise class video storage drives.


We understand the importance of proven reliability and maximum system uptime, so we have included many fault tolerant and system management features as standard into the CyberStore VS range of servers and storage appliances including:- Mirrored Solid State System and Application Drives, Dual Redundant Power Supplies, Hot-Swap Hard Drives with a choice of RAID levels, Hot-Swap System Fans, IPMI Remote System Management and complete RAID System Monitoring with failed component E-mail notification.


An important factor when designing the CyberStore VS range of servers and storage appliances was expansion, with integrated features such as on-line volume capacity expansion, RAID level migration and the ability to add optional Attached Video Storage Expanders, allowing You to increase your storage capacity as and when you require.


We have a complete range of processor, memory and storage capacity options available, with stand-alone models ranging from 4TB to 136TB all with the ability to add optional Attached Video Storage Expanders allowing you to grow your video storage systems to hundreds of terabytes and beyond.

Ready to Use

All CyberStore VS models are supplied with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or you can choose to go with Windows Server 2012 as a no cost option, but whichever you choose the unit is pre-installed and configured ready for use, we also set-up and configure the RAID controller and drives for a real out of the box experience. All you need to do is install your chosen Windows based VMS, access control and/or video analytics software and you are up and running.

3 Year Warranty

3 Years Warranty as Standard

Buy with confidence knowing all Broadberry CyberServe rack servers are backed up by our 3 year warranty, with further warranty upgrade options available.

Dual Xeon Processors

Up to Dual Xeon Processors

Designed for optimal performance, the CyberStore VS range can be configured with a single Xeon E3 processor or on larger units up to 2x Xeon E5 processors.

Onvif logo and strapline

Onvif Compliant

The CyberStore VS range is completely ONVIF compliant, meaning it will run perfectly with your existing ONVIF compliant hardware.

Toshiba Surveillance Drives.

Specialist Surveillance Drives

Toshiba's surveillance drives are specifically designed for 24x7 surveillance applications, delivering the industry's first hard disk drive specifically for surveillance

Network Port, IPMI Remote Management.

With IPMI Remote Management

All Broadberry CyberStore VS appliances have built-in iPMI functionality, enabling complete control and management of your server through IP.

Leading Brand Hard Drives

Built with Leading Brand Components

All components in the Broadberry CyberStore VS range are sourced from leading manufacturers who take reliability as seriously as we do.

Daisy Chain JBOD Cable

Daisy Chain CyberStore Appliances

Increase the storage capacity of your CyberStore VS storage appliance by daisy-chaining additional CyberStore JBOD units, giving up to 1 Petabyte of storage.

Data Deduplication and Compression

Built in Data Deduplication

Reduce storage footprint by up to 70% with the CyberStore VS' deduplication feature, removing duplicates in sets of data and referencing to a single file instead.

Windows Storage Server Data Deduplication.

Deduplication on Running VMs

The CyberStore VS range can deduplicate virtual machines, greatly increasing the overall effectiveness of deduplication for VDI implementation.

Hard Drive, Thin Provisioning.

Built in Thin Provisioning

Expand your storage pools online as and when you need to with the CyberStore VS' built in Thin Provisioning feature.

SSD Caching.

Hardware SSD Caching

The CyberStore VS range includes a hardware-based SSD Caching option, allowing you to cache your most used data on super fast SSD's via a RAID controller.

Software Storage Tiering

Software Storage Tiering

Dynamically move chunks of your most used data between HDDs and super fast SSDs through Windows Storage Server for an alternative to hardware based SSD caching.

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Engineer performing test.Our Rigorous Testing

Before leaving our workshop, all Broadberry server and storage solutions undergo a rigorous 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with the high-quality industry leading components ensures all of our server and storage solutions meet the strictest quality guidelines demanded from us.

Broadberry professional.Un-Equaled Flexibility

Our main objective is to offer great value, high-quality server and storage solutions, we understand that every company has different requirements and as such are able to offer un-equaled flexibility in designing custom server and storage solutions to meet our clients' needs.

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