Broadberry ZFS Appliances

Broadberry ZFS Appliances powered by Open-E JovianDSS are packed with a variety of enterprise-grade storage features.

Broadberry CyberStore ZFS Appliances are powered by Open-E JovianDSS, the #1 software for data storage, backup and business continuity.

Open-E JovianDSS is a ZFS- and Linux-based Data Storage Software designed for businesses of any size, especially for Enterprise Software Defined Storage environments.

With a range of storage solutions to fit whatever your business requires, configure your Broadberry ZFS storage solution today.

Data Storage Backup & Recovery Business Continuity Virtualisation


  • ZFS-based OS for Storage Servers, hardware independent
  • Thick, Thin and Over Provisioning
  • Inline Data Deduplication and Compression
  • Self-Healing
  • Petabyte Scalability
  • Tiered RAM and SSD Caching

Professional Installation & Training Available

  • Benefit from Remote or On-Site Training and Installation by our experienced engineers

CyberStore ZFS 212S Storage Appliance

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
3.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
12 Drive Bays
Storage Capacity:
Configure From: $10,734
CyberStore ZFS 436S Storage Appliance

4U ZFS-based Enterprise-Grade Storage Appliance

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
3.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
36 Drive Bays
Storage Capacity:
Configure From: $13,944
CyberStore ZFS 490S Storage Appliance

Large Capacity 4U, 90 Drive Bays, SAS / SATA Rackmount Storage Server

Form Factor:
Drive Size:
3.5" Storage Servers
Drive Bays:
36 Drive Bays
Storage Capacity:
Configure From: $24,081

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Broadberry ZFS Appliances features a wide range of industry-leading, enterprise-grade storage features.

  • Supports iSCSI, FC, NFS & SMB(CIFS)
  • Inline Compression & Deduplication
  • Scalable to up to 10PB of Storage
  • Smooth Active Directory Integration
  • High Availability

Create local and remote backup plans to protect your data in the event of a disaster. Allow for easy restore with snapshots and on-site/off-site replication.

On- & Off-site Data Protection features allows users to back up and restore crucial company data in case of an unexpected disaster through a combination of several technologies.

  • Consistent backups, which protect from data loss
  • Fully integrated and blazing-fast data recovery
  • Zero backup agents needed
  • Low RPO and RTO minimises data loss and recovery time
  • Massively customisable individual requirements

Broadberry high availability systems deliver fast performance, high availability, reliability, efficiency and redundancy through eliminating single points of failure and minimising downtime periods.

Broadberry CyberStore ZFS appliances feature a multitude of options when it comes to architecting High Availability environments with iSCSI, Fibre Channel and NFS, SMB (CIFS) client protocols. These options enable you to set up High Availability Load-Balanced Storage Clusters which ensure redundancy and reliability through failover.

  • Frequent Snapshots
  • Self-Healing
  • High Availability
  • Eliminates single points of failure.
  • Disaster Protection

Instant Expansion

Broadberry ZFS Appliances feature a variety of expansion options and are scalable up to 10PB per cluster pair

  • Instant Online Expansion - No Maintenance Window
  • Scalable up to 10PB of Storage
  • Inline Compression & Deduplication
  • Boosted Read & Write Performance
  • Unlimited File and Volume Size
Grow without Impacting Performance

Broadberry ZFS Appliances automatically rebalance data without impacting on performance.

Scale up to 10PB per Cluster Pair

Up to 10PB usable storage per cluster pair with storage expansion during production.

Advanced Caching Technologies

Hybrid Read Cache with first level in RAM (ARC -Adaptive Replacement Cache) and second Read Cache level on an SSD or NVMe (L2ARC). High cache hit rate by utilising ARC's most recently used (MRU) and most frequently used (MFU) Read Cache algorithms

Unlimited File and Volume Size

Broadberry ZFS Appliances powered by Open-E Jovian DSS feature unlimited file and volume size.

Broadberry ZFS Range A Solution For Every Requirement

The Broadberry range of JovianDSS powered ZFS Storage servers come in a wide range of form factor and storage options, so there's a perfect match for every business.

Broadberry CyberStore ZFS Features

Inline Compression & Deduplication

Data compression allows you to store more data in less space.

Active Directory Integration

Seamless integration with Active Directory, enabling all new SMB assign ACLs using Windows user and groups.

Tiered RAM

Tiered storage improves operation efficiency and contributes to lowered cost.

Unified Storage Model

Unified storage model consolidates file- and block-based access in a single storage platform.

SSD/NVME Caching

SSD/NVMe caching helps meet data requests with enhanced speed.

Data Integrity

Many JovianDSS features help maintain data integrity, including on- & off-site data protection and the use of snapshots.

Instant Recovery

Instant disaster recovery, with full restoration possible within minutes.

Complete Backup

Everything is backed up, including all running virtual machines with applications and data.

Instant Access

Instant access and restoration of old images. All users have direct access to Previous Versions

Protection Against Ransomware

Frequent snapshots combined with instant data access deliver quick roll-back to the state before an attack, safeguarding your system from malicious threats.

Light Backup Engine

Continuous interval-based replication occurs in the background with very little effect on production. Features option to skip VM snapshots.

Reliable Backup

Reliable backup of mission critical data, with a number of backup destinations with user defined retention interval plans for source and destination.

Import/Export Service

Users are able to safely remove the backup media, rotate them with another set or transfer them to another location.

Protection in Clusters

Open-E JovianDSS makes it possible to use the on- & off-site data protection functionality in clustered environments.

Encrypted Transport

Transport is encrypted, as the data stream is encrypted with SSH and sent via the internet.

High Availability Clusters

Broadberry ZFS Appliances contribute signficantly to business continuity through support for high availability clusters.


Frequent snapshots protect from potential damage by viruses, as you can identify the latest copy of uninfected data with precision and avoid data loss.

Remote Server Protection

Remote servers keep your business running should a disaster such as an power outage occur at your primary data centre.

Protocols Supported

Every major file-based and block-based protocols are supported, including iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC) and NFS, SMB (CIFS) client protocols.


Built-in self-healing mechanisms oversee and monitor data integrity and repair errors before data loss occurs.

Backup Server

Backup servers store an extra copy of all data from the main server, so it can be used to recreate the orignal data if/when necessary.

Instant Expansion

Online expansion is instant, with no maintenance window required. Your new capacity becomes available within seconds.

Very Little Impact On Performance

Broadberry ZFS Appliances automatically rebalance data without impacting on performance.

Improved Read & Write

Newly added disks not only increase capacity but also enhance read & write performance.

Perfect for Virtualisation

The Broadberry Cyberstore ZFS range boast enterprise-grade, feature-rich and highly available solutions with superb native data protection.

Storage Backends for Hypervisor

Cyberstore ZFS appliances can act as storage backends for hypervisors.

The Broadberry Cyberstore ZFS range can act as storage backends to provide native (higher than virtualised storage performance) storage performance and simple configuration. You also enjoy more flexibility in terms of hardware and storage infrastructure.

Virtualised Storage Backend

Cyberstore ZFS appliances as a Virtualised Storage Backend within Hypervisor and within a HA cluster of VMware hypervisors.

With fully remote management, maintenance is easy and convenient and there is less hardware required. Deployment is a lot faster when compared to solutions utilising hardware-based storage backends.

Virtualised Storage Backend

Cyberstore ZFS appliances as a Virtualised Storage Backend within a HA cluster of VMware hypervisors.

Single points of failure are eliminated due to failovers between both the storage servers and the hypervisors. Operations remain uninterrupted in typical failure scenarios.

Cloud Storage Backend

Cyberstore ZFS appliances is installed onto the physical hardware as a basis backend, delivering storage space to Cloud applications and services.

This allows for increased storage performance and provides a straightforward, simpler solution. It also delivers more flexibility with regards to hardware and storage infrastructure.

Powered By Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Broadberry ZFS Storage Servers are powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors, enabling enhanced efficiency and lowered TCO. This innovative processor delivers a new standard of platform convergence and capabilities across compute, memory, security, storage and network.

Optimised Performance

Intel Xeon Scalable processors feature breakthrough performance and delivers the memory and I/O capacity needed to significantly reduce performance bottlenecks.

Applications can be accelerated via the addition of Intel QAT (Quick Assist Technology) to a software-defined infrastructure environment. Intel QAT offers noteworthy increases in the performance and efficiency of standard platform solutions.


Broadberry ZFS Appliances powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors features security without compromise, incorporating a number of technologies that help in the protection of your system.

Intel Quick Assist Technology delivers a software-enabled base for security and authentication. Intel Key Protection Technology is found within Intel Xeon Scalable processors, enabled via Intel QAT. Intel KPT is on hand to help with secure private key management.

Configure with the latest Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Range:

Xeon Silver

The Intel Xeon Silver processor range is optimised for middling IT organisations that are still developing. It delivers the perfect combination of speed and efficiency you need for your data centre.

  • Up to 12 Cores
  • Up to 2 Sockets
  • Up to 1.5TB

Xeon Gold

Intel Xeon Gold processors provide high performance and high-level reliability. Featuring hardware-enhanced security, this option is ideal for demanding and high intensity workloads.

  • Up to 22 Cores
  • Up to 4 Sockets
  • Up to 6TB

Xeon Platinum

Intel Xeon Platinum processors provide arguably the best performance in the industry for mission critical and cloud workloads, AI, machine learning and real time analytics. Processors in this range also deliver massive leaps in I/O, memory, storage and network technologies.

  • Up to 28 Cores
  • Up to 8+ Sockets
  • Up to 12TB

Advanced Caching with Intel Optane

Intel Optane SSD's are solid, stable and high-performance data storage devices that have revolutionised memory and storage, delivering unparalleled performance and new computing possibilities.

Excelling in even the most demanding data storage environments, the biggest benefit of Intel Optane is the use of 3D XPoint technology over traditional NAND for read and write operations, where it addresses individual cells rather than whole blocks.

The robust, reliable and resilient nature of Intel Optane drives make them a perfect option as a cache device to completement the advanced caching facilities of the Broadberry CyberStore ZFS range.

  • First Read Cache level in RAM (ARC - Adaptive Replacement Cache).
  • Second Read Cache level on fast memory device (eg. SSD) (L2ARC Level 2 Adaptive Replacement Cache)
  • Write Log - ZFS Intent Log (ZIL) located on separated fast memory device (SLOG)
High and Stable Write IOPS

Its well known that cache functionality requires ultra-fast random IOPS devices. Where as NAND SSD's' intially work fast but slow down over time, Intel Optane SSD's provide blazing performance at every IOPS level, and crucially never slow down.

Low and Stable Latency

Latency is extremely important when writing large amounts of small files, especially in database, virtualisation and online transaction processing. Where as latency of NAND SSDs increases over time, latency of Intel® Optane SSDs are significantly lower, and stay low.

High Quality of service (QoS)

Due to significant simplification and thus shortening of write operation, the Intel® Optane disk offers significantly lower and stable latency - resulting in improving the QoS factor since more write operations are handled in a lower and narrower latency time period.

Cost-effective RAM cache replacement

As a read cache, Intel® Optane drives significantly lower server costs since when used as a replacement of ECC RAM. In certain configurations, large amounts of ECC RAM (used for ARC) can be replaced with small amounts of ECC RAM together with Intel® Optane (used for L2ARC) giving huge cost savings while only marginally decreasing speed.

Intel Optane Features:

Low and Stable Latency

Intel Optane SSDs have a significantly lower latency than their NAND counterparts. Where the latency of NAND SSDS increases over time, the latency of Intel Optane SSDs remains stable. Latency is a vital factor when writing large amounts of small files, for example in database, virtualisation or online transaction processing.

Best in Class

Intel Optane SSDs can provide huge boosts to your data storage solution, providing the very best-in-class read and write speeds, as well as data storage protection.

Cost-Effective Option

Intel Optane SSDs can provide huge boosts to your data storage solution, providing the very best-in-class read and write speeds, as well as data storage protection.

Capacity Storage Tier Protection

By using Intel Optane drives as a write log, you protect the drives serving as main data storage from extensive write operations. With an all-flash storage setup based on regular NAND SSDs utilised as a capacity storage tier, using Intel Optane as a write log protects the NAND memory and extends its lifetime.

High Quality of Service (QoS)

Intel Optane SSDs offer substantially lowered latency which remains stable long term. This results in an improved QoS factor, as more write operations are handled in time.

Fully Compatible

Intel Optane SSDS are built for compatibility with all Open-E JovianDSS storage architecture.

Extended Lifetime

Intel Optane SSDs are significantly more durable than regular NAND SSDs. Where NAND SSDs falter is the number of writes, and especially so when it comes to write cache functionality. Intel Optane surpasses NAND durability by several orders of magnitude, delivering endurance of up to 60 DWPD (device write per day) over 5 years.

High and Stable Write IOPS

A perfect enhancement for ZFS-based Broadberry data storage systems. Intel Optane delivers ultra-fast random IOPS and cache functionality. Where NAND SSDs suffer a loss of speed over time, Intel Optane SSDs remains stable.

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